About Planning your Conference Early

This detailed step-by-step guide to planning your conference anywhere in the world will ensure that your conference will run smoothly by paying attention to the details..

Planning should start as soon as possible

  • Choose dates
  • Estimate the number of delegates
  • Extra meeting rooms required
  • Possible social events to be arranged
  • Provide us with the names of your organizing committee members
  • Submit a ‘holding deposit’ for space
  • Arrange a site visit with us to the venue

Pre and Post Event Leisure Requirements

Another possibility to consider is whether your delegates might want to have some leisure time before or after the conference. Find out about Pre and Post conference leisure activities in Africa.

This will assist you in the designing of itineraries around the fixed conference dates.

Planning Considerations

For a detailed account of the topics that you will have to consider for your conference, visit Planning a Conference
Here you will find out how to select a venue, what sort of venue options there are, how to plan transport and equipment requirements.

Find out about the different types of venue.